Power to play FAQs

How do I know that I can sign up to the AGL Rugby Energy Plan?

As long as you live in NSW and you're not at a specific address that AGL can't service, you're good to go.

When will my local rugby team get my donation?

If your club is registered to receive donations, within six months of all of your metering and billing details being updated to the AGL Rugby Energy plan.

Will my local rugby team know that a donation came from me?

Because of customer privacy issues, we can't let your nominated club know about your donation. But you're welcome to tell them if you'd like to.

What will my local rugby club do with my donation?

That's entirely up to your club. They know the best way to use these donations to support its players and members.

If I don't follow a local rugby team, who'll get my donation?

That'd be the Waratahs Rugby Foundation. It's been set up to support young athletes across NSW in becoming professional rugby players.

Why is AGL involved in club rugby

As a proud partner of the NSW Waratahs since 2016, we’re excited to use our partnership to further support community and club rugby across NSW.

What happens if I sign up for either just gas or electricity, not both?

Your local rugby club will get less of a donation - $100 donation for electricity only or $50 for gas - and you'll miss out on the 2% Double Up discount.

Will I get charged a fee if I choose to cancel early?

No way. You're free to change your Energy Plan whenever you'd like, however no donations will be made to your club on your behalf from the date of cancellation.

I'm already with AGL - can I still sign up?

You bet! Simply switch Energy Plans through AGL Energy Online or call us anytime on 1300 245 824.

I've got solar panels at home - can I still sign up?


My club isn’t on the list – how can they sign up?

You club can easily join up – all they need to do is email rugby@agl.com.au with their details and we can add them to the list.

I live outside of NSW but I'm a huge Waratahs or Rugby Union fan - can I still sign up?

Unfortunately, no. The AGL Rugby Energy Plan is only available to homes in certain parts of NSW. But we have a range of other plans available. Call us to find out more.

Do I need to pay my bills on time to enjoy the benefits of the Energy Plan?

Paying your bills on time can help you avoid paying late-payment fees. But since this Energy Plan has a guaranteed monthly discount, you can still enjoy the benefits even if you happen to pay late.

Can I sign my small business up to the AGL Rugby Energy Plan?

Sadly, not at the moment. It's only available for residential customers in AGL-serviced areas in NSW. But we'll let you know if things change.

Can I get my hands on more information about the Waratahs Rugby Foundation?

Yes - and easily, too. Simply visit waratahs.com.au/Waratahs/AboutUs/ContactUs.aspx

I have more than one house - can each one be signed up to this Energy Plan?

They sure can. Plus we'll make a donation to your local rugby team for each new Energy Plan.

Can I change Energy Plans with AGL at any stage?

You can, but no donations will be made to your club on your behalf from the date of cancellation.

What happens to my Energy Plan if I move home?

As long as you stay in an AGL-serviced area in NSW, we'll simply start a new Energy Plan for your new address - and that means another donation for your local club.